• December 30, 2015

    If you’ve been making the same New Year’s Resolutions for years, it’s time to grab a spoon and stir things up a bit. This year, instead of creating a long list of unrealistic and, frankly, miserable goals, we at eCreamery want to challenge you to make just one resolution for 2016.


    Resolve to eat more ice cream.

    This isn’t shameless self-promotion (well, not entirely). We just know ice cream. Can it solve all of life’s problems? Nope. Can it make life’s challenges easier to swallow? Absolutely. And your New Year’s Resolutions? Just the cherry on top.


    Here’s how eating more ice cream this year can help you meet your goals and make you a better human in general.





    Try New Things.

    With all the flavors and mix-ins on our ice cream crafting table, there’s a nearly endless supply of new combinations, textures, and flavors. Try our Nice & Spicy collection. The bold flavor combinations will empower you to walk on the wild side every once in a while. Repeat after us: Different isn’t bad. Different is delicious.



    Lose Weight.

    As much as we’d love to promote an ice cream fad diet, the truth of the matter is that the most successful healthy lifestyles involve consistency, satisfaction, and enjoyment. And, of course, moderation. So moderately enjoy some satisfying ice cream on a regular basis. There’s real evidence to suggest the calcium will help curb your cravings and the sweet, creamy goodness will help you feel fulfilled on a physical and emotional (and, dare we say, spiritual) level.



    Manage Stress.

    According to research by NeuroSci, ice cream has been scientifically proven to make people happy. Brain scans prove it. Millions of humans agree with it. When life hits you with a stressful serious of moments, forgo the pint at the bar and grab a pint from the freezer. You’ll find your stress levels will go down, and that alone may help you find the answers you need to move forward. If a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, imagine what a spoonful of creamy chocolate ice cream can do?



    Stay In The Moment

    Ah, mindfulness. The holy grail of new millennium. In a world with an attention span of a Vine video, it’s hard to stay in the moment, yet it’s one of the most important lessons we all need to learn. So learn with ice cream. Open up your favorite flavor (one of these, perhaps?) and scrape up a spoonful. Expand all your senses. Notice the textures, sounds, flavors, colors, and smells. Eat slowly, purposefully. This ice cream is as exceptional as you are, and you both should be recognized as such. There’s a reason why “Ommmm” has so many “Mmmmm’s” in it.


    It’s time to grab 2016 by the carton and relish it to the last creamy spoonful. Flavor it. Savor it. And make the delicious life you were meant for.

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