• January 29, 2016


    The pressure is on in February to come up with the best Valentine’s Day gift for your nearest and dearest. While we shouldn’t have to caution you against the gas station greeting cards and pharmacy chocolates (seriously, don’t), there is a way you can show how much you care without breaking the bank on shiny baubles. 


    Send ice cream.


    Here’s why. If the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and if it’s the thought that counts, and if men and women are more or less equal when it comes to anatomy (at least where hearts and stomachs are concerned), then it can be deduced that thoughtful food makes the best gift. And if you’re going for thoughtful food, then something along the lines of sweetly personalized and deliciously tasteful should be just about perfect.


    Ahem, ice cream.


    And not just any ice cream. The best ice cream on the planet. Ice cream that is churned in small batches by people who love what they do. Ice cream that is custom prepared just for your sweetheart or best friend or partner-in-crime.  Set aside the fact that this ice cream will likely be the best they’ve ever had (other than you, of course). The best part about this gift is that you took the time to plan, create, order, and have it delivered. It shows that Valentine’s Day didn’t catch you off guard this year; instead, it shows you couldn’t wait for Valentine’s Day to get here. Short of unloading the dishwasher, ice cream is IT.


    We are proud to prepare ice cream that says I love you in any language, in any flavor, and with all sorts of different mix-ins. And now, with eCreamery’s custom Valentine’s Day flavors and names, it can say it in several ways, sizes, and packages.


    And, even better (because, yes, it does get better): Ice cream is the best Valentine’s gift for just about anyone. Whether you are joyously single, recently liberated, surrounded by family and friends, or celebrating from afar, if you’re going to say it, say it with ice cream.  So say it like you mean it. And put a cherry on top.


    Just a little tip from all of us at eCreamery, where we believe in love a la mode. 


    Order your personalized ice cream today to make sure it arrives in time for Valentine’s Day.

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