• January 06, 2011

    Our retro looking parlor, complete with lime green tile does make eCreamery the perfect spot for unique photoshoots -- not to mention unique ice cream fixes. Not so long ago we had the pleasure of having Marnie & Dave drop in -- with their entire wedding party! And since they love ice cream nearly as much as they love each other, we were more than happy to host! Name of bride & groom: Marnie and Dave Amdor wedding date: 7/17/10 bride's favorite flavor: Vanilla ice cream with sprinkles groom's favorite flavor: Cookie dough ice cream Do you have a special memory around ice cream as a couple? "The day of our wedding we went to eCreamery to take photos. As we and our wedding party came in, there was a table of two men and a woman and they just happened to have some pretty flowers sitting on the table in front of them. The one man, quickly joking said, 'Bride, bride, excuse me, but what do you think of your centerpieces?' I responded, by joking in return, telling him, 'the flowers were hideous and that was not what I had ordered.' They started laughing and we all had fun playing along. When I got my photos back from the photographer we have great pictures of the "ice cream parlor reception complete with pretend centerpieces."

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