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Remarkable Gift

Just wanted to drop in and thank you for the care you take in making sure this is a remarkable gift. For the second year in a a row, I've had ice cream sent to my wife for her birthday. From the quality of the ice cream to the personal touch of the packaging and custom's simply a home run!

The Best Party Favor

The pint party favors were a HUUUGGEEE hit!! Overall, the night went off without a hitch and the ice cream was definitely the cherry on top! It looks like you already have some faithful followers because many of them commented on how much they love eCreamery.

eCreamery is the best!!

I recently sent your ice cream to a friend for her birthday. In past years, it's been challenging to find a gift she would like. Sometimes I wouldn't even hear back after I give her a gift so I never knew for sure whether she liked what I gave her or not. This year was different! Within a few hours after receiving her E-creamery ice cream, she left me an enthusiastic voice mail telling me it had arrived fully frozen, that she positively loved it and couldn't wait to dig in. Later she told me it was delicious and she gave me status reports over the next few weeks as she devoured the rest of the ice cream. Thanks for helping me finally find a birthday gift my friend loved. eCreamery is the best! Rachel

My Best Gift Ever

Dear eCreamery, This is the best gift ever! I am a major ice cream lover...and I like to think I am a pretty good ice cream critic! Not only is this the cutest gift idea, but also the packaging is beyond adorable and the ice cream is AMAZING! It's really creating your own flavors and it actually tastes like a dream!!!! Thank you for this great idea, this great product, and this great company! I can't wait to give this as a gift for someone soon....after all, I know how wonderful it is being the recipient! All my best, Jessica Prince

Vanessa Williams' Holiday Mix

"I saw eCreamery featured on the Today Show for unique holiday gifts. Their ice cream combos are a wonderful way to send a delicious personalized present to friends and coworkers - suitable for any occassion. Everyone who's received my special Christmas Holiday mix loves it!"

"Eagle Victory Mix" & "BC Batter of Champions" for Boston College Volleyball

What a great surprise when I opened my office door this morning!!! Oh my goodness!!! Thank you for the ice cream...I have been taking pictures and all the other coaches have been flocking in here and LOVE it!!! The titles of each flavor are great!! Thank you so much! GO EAGLES!! Coach Leonard

"Michelle's Mix" Hollywood, CA

What a wonderful company. Finding them while doing a blind search for "gourmet ice cream" last year landed me on an earlier version (the updates are fantastic, by the way). Since my wife is a HUGE ice-cream fan (I'm not), I thought this would be a great gift - and personal, with all the wonderful choices to "create a flavor". Well, I couldn't even wait for it to arrive, having spoiled the surprise a few days before. At that point, I even became a bit nervous - would the ice cream be any good / worth the price? I wish I could describe my wife's reaction after trying it. Our initial plan was to share it with others...not a chance. After tasting it myself, I was instantly a fan. Suffice it to say that we severely underestimated the quality and flavor of the ice cream we created with eCreamery's ingredients, and our four pints were gone too soon. Only because we wanted to save them as "our little secret", and make purchases for "special occasions" had we held off on making another order until this year. Which brings me to another glowing part of this set of comments - the customer service is thorough, thoughtful, informative, and responsive - I'd add friendly and personable as well, but you should find that out for yourself. Yes, it costs a bit more for this treat - you will not be disappointed! For parties, a stash of ice-creamy goodness, for an unexpected personal present (fun to create as well)...I cannot offer a more higher recommendation for eCreamery as a company overall. In the end, it is really about the taste and flavors of what you choose - check out the site for a test. Make an order, and you'll find yourself wanting to write a review like this! Adam Lieber COO, Entertainment Earth

Corporate Gifts, mktgpartners, NYC

As a gift to our Executive Management Team, we created two delicious flavors. We could not have been happier with the outcome...the ice cream was of high quality and the packaging was personalized with our company logo! Thank you to the great staff at eCreamery for helping us create a special surprise (and for hand-picking out the red m&m's for one of our flavors!) - Sam and Joanna

A Valentine to Remember - Bill N., Omaha, Ne
Kellye's Late Night Snack" & "Alexandra's Sweet Treat" 

I wanted to let you know how I celebrated Valentine's Day with my family and your ice cream as a surprise. I started by putting the dry ice from the e-Creamery package in a large vase full of water. After the ohhs and ahhs, and a brief chemistry lesson, we set the formal dining room lit plenty of candles, and brought the room lights down to create the perfect mood. The dry ice vase was on the side board and the CO2 bubbled up and flowed down over the edge..... just like the stage at a rock concert....all through dinner. My family was mystified with the dry ice and they kept wondering how I could possibly get it since I'm home bound after surgery. But I wouldn't let on. It was driving them crazy. Perfect! Next, we cleared the dishes, and I had them get the Valentine's Gifts and bring them back to the table. As they sat patiently wondering what I was up to next, I brought their personalized ice cream pints with a spoon and placed it in front of them. Their eyes lit up and their jaws dropped open as they read the label and took off the lid. I've never seen them squeal with sheer delight. This was the coolest EVER! What a wonderful and memorable evening, and largely due to the magic brought by the e-Creamery surprise. Thanks again!

A Very Sweet Father's Day
"Kersh's Ice" by The Kershaw Family

We gave Dad his Kersh's ICE for father's day. He was very surprised! He loved it. The gelato is very good, as well as, the mix-ins. It was a fun experience from the very beginning of the process and ending in eating the gelato.

Sunripe bananas, rum, butter and cinnamon...
"Michael's Banana Foster" by Carol Werner

Imagine creamy, cold, velvety smooth ice cream covered with sunripe bananas, rum, butter and cinnamon; having such a rich flavor that you just don't want to put down your spoon......that is what you and your chef provided for me. I can't thank you enough for turning my vision into such a delectable dessert. My son-in-law Michael was very pleasantly surprised receiving his own personal gallon of Banana Foster's ice cream for his birthday. He really thought the flavor profile matched his favorite dessert perfectly.Thank you for your efforts and I hope everyone enjoys this new creation as much as myself and my family.

The Perfect Engagement Gift!
"Jill Said Yes!" by Karen, Los Angeles, CA

I highly recommend eCreamery. I recently placed an order for my sister when she got engaged. Not only did she love the how delicious the ice cream was, but she also adored the packaging and personalized quality of it. I truly think it is one of the most fun and unique gifts you can send to someone.