• August 06, 2015

    shark tank products

    We always like it when CNBC plays a rerun of our Shark Tank appearance.


    It always brings in a flood of website traffic and our Twitter account blows up with tweets.


    But our episode was only a few minutes long and people are always interested in the behind the scenes action that wasn't aired.

    So here are:


    5 Shark Tank Facts You Didn't See

    Q: You served ice cream to the sharks, how did you get it there?

    A: Well we ship ice cream all over the country, so that was a no-brainer that we were going to offer it. But we didn't know how much we'd need, so we got a little carried away and shipped three sets of 10 pints for three days in a row to CA to ensure we would have enough. Yes, three sets of 10 pints. For three days in a row.


    Let us do the math for you, that's 90 pints of ice cream! 


    I think 90 pints is enough, even for sharks. :) But actually it was a blessing. Another fun fact is that because we had so many, an entire freezer full, staffers from all over the studio dove into the ice cream. One of which actually led us to being on another show, The Price is Right!! 


    Q: Your episode only lasts a few minutes, how long were you really in the shark tank?

    A: We were actually in the tank for almost 2 hours.The segments are so short but we really got down to business specifics and our goals and future plans with the sharks. They only air the drama and best action for television.


    Q: How are the Sharks in person?

    A: We really liked all the sharks, even Mr. Wonderful. :) All of the sharks were very complimentary to us. Barbara gave us some great advice before she decided she was out.


    Q: Was there one piece that still stands out in your minds?

    A: Mark Cuban's quote really made an impression. He called us innovators! And coming from a billionaire tech and business mogul that was pretty special. He said "There are innovators, you guys, imitators and idiots." Even though we didn't agree on a deal it was a great boost of confidence that we're doing the right things.


    Q: Was it worth it?

    A: Absolutely! Even though we didn't agree on a deal, we did get an offer. The experience was a lot of fun and to this day we get new customers from the show's reruns. Any chance to get more personalized ice cream pints in the hands of awesome people is worth it to us.


    For a chance to eat what the Shark Tank panel ate on the show,

    Click here for the Shark Tank Collection!


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