• October 01, 2015

    What do you do when you're having a bad day?


    If you’re like us, you kick off your shoes, get in to some comfy clothes, pop on a movie and plop on the the couch with a big giant bowl of delicious ice cream.


    Ice cream just seems to make us feel better.


    Well, there’s a reason ice cream makes us feel good.


    Neuroscientists at the Institute of Psychiatry in London scanned the brains of people eating vanilla ice cream. (How do we get to be a subject in this study?) The scientists found an immediate effect on parts of the orbitofrontal cortex, which is a part of the brain known to activate when people enjoy themselves.


    In fact, just one spoonful of ice cream lights up the happy zones of the brain. How cool is that!



    Ice cream scientifically makes you happier. 

    So now when we’re spoon after spoon deep into an ice cream binge…we’re not simply indulging, we’re practicing science.



    It Gets Even Better

    Ice cream creates happiness. Literally. But it turns out that there’s something that will make you feel even better than that! So what’s that, you ask?


    Acts of kindness.


    London-based chartered psychologist Dr. George Fieldman and his studies have found that there are scientific benefits behind random acts of kindness. He explains, "If you eat a bowl of ice cream, you get a good feeling…" But "An act of kindness endures better.” In other words, doing acts of kindness makes us feel happy, longer.



    How Everyone Wins - From Science

    So if ice cream makes someone feel awesome. And doing something makes you feel awesome. What could possibly be better?


    How about randomly giving someone ice cream!


    But how could you possibly just give someone ice cream? Hmmmm... Oh yes, eCreamery will ship personalized ice cream right to their doorstep!


    You don't need a reason, remember that science says random acts are best. So our Just Because Collection is perfect!


    Scientifically perfect because it’s “just because”. This maximizes the science of doing a random act of kindness. And since it’s ice cream, you’re literally sending happiness.


    If you do have a specific occasion in mind, we have you covered to send someone ice cream happiness,  Our Gift Occasions are perfect for any and every situation.


    Get Well

    Thank You


    Love & Friendship

    I’m Sorry

    and many many more. Check out all of our Gift Occasions


    So find the reason for you to send some science-backed happiness. We’re here to help!


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