Dundee Dozen

Today's Flavors

{ February 25, 2017 }

Flavors are updated every day at noon

Ice Cream

Spirit of Nebraska's
I Want Smore

Marshmallow graham ice cream with chocolate chunks. 


$1 from each pint sold supports
Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska.


Peanut Butter Oreo

Creamy peanut butter ice cream with everyone's favorite cookie.


Red Velvet with White Chocolate

 Creamy and decadent!

Omaha's #1 Vanilla

At eCreamery, vanilla isn't that plain flavor you expect.  We put just as much love into making it as we do any other flavor! Made with vanilla bean, it's not to be overlooked.


Made with real cocoa, our rich, dense chocolate ice cream delivers on its own or with your favorite guilty pleasure topping. 

Sea Salt Caramel 

This decadent combination is sure please everyone!




Chocolate Raspberry


You'll want a double scoop!

Chocolate Cherry Chunk

A dreamy mix of cherry ice cream and rich chocolate chunks.

Chocolate Chip

A rich sweet cream base with an abundance of sweet chocolate chips.  A perfect mix!

Root Beer Float

You have to taste it to believe it!


French Vanilla

This pairs perfectly with hot fudge!

Puppy Chow

This one goes fast!

Sorbet (dairy-free)



Green Apple


Peach Iced Tea

A sweet summer fix in winter!