eCreamery Parlor

Today's Flavors

{ November 19, 2017 }

Flavors are updated every day at noon

Ice Cream

Y's Cream (Maple's Secret Flavor)

Vanilla bean ice cream with m&ms, cookie dough and chocolate chunks.


 $1 of each Pint sold goes to the YMCA youth programs.

Pumpkin Pie

A delicious seasonal flavor. We're ready for Thanksgiving!

Caramel Apple

Granny smith apples with just the right amount of vanilla bean, cinnamon spice and caramel swirls.

Omaha's #1 Vanilla

At eCreamery, vanilla isn't that plain flavor you expect.  We put just as much love into making it as we do any other flavor! Made with vanilla bean, it's not to be overlooked.


Made with real cocoa, our rich, dense chocolate ice cream delivers on its own or with your favorite guilty pleasure topping. 

Sea Salt Caramel

Sweet caramel ice cream with a hint of sea salt, to satisfy all your salty-sweet cravings.




Malted Milk

It's liike a malt in gelato form!

Double Fudge Brownie

This one goes fast!

Sweet Cream

A classic favorite.

Peach Cobbler

A delcious choice!

Maple Moose tracks

A customer favorite.

Vanilla Pudding


Sorbet (dairy-free)




Every spoonful, so flavorful!


This will not disappoint!