eCreamery Parlor

Today's Flavors

{ February 17, 2018 }

Flavors are updated every day at noon

Ice Cream

Red Velvet Cake

Cream cheese frosting ice cream with heaps of red velvet cake.


Our Featured Flavor of the Month! A Bold, Cold & Confident Sweet Treat! Mint chip ice cream with Oreos.  For every pint sold, $1 is donated to FitGirl, Inc.

Vegan PB&J

This is a great dairy-free option! Made with almond milk.

Omaha's #1 Vanilla

At eCreamery, vanilla isn't that plain flavor you expect.  We put just as much love into making it as we do any other flavor! Made with vanilla bean, it's not to be overlooked.


Made with real cocoa, our rich, dense chocolate ice cream delivers on its own or with your favorite guilty pleasure topping. 

Sea Salt Caramel

Sweet caramel ice cream with a hint of sea salt. 




Banana Chocolate Chunk

 A favorite!

Blueberry Muffin

A staff favorite!

Bubble Gum

Kids Love it!

Chocolate Raspberry


Chunk Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter gelato with loads of peanuts.

Yellow Cake with Fudge

This one goes fast! 

Sorbet (dairy-free)

Raspberry Limeade

 A delightfully sour treat.




Light and refreshing!