• August 13, 2015

    I always thought that your personality was shaped by your environment, or by your parents, or by your super adoring aunt...or by all of the nonstop 80's movies that you watched during your summer vacation.


    But apparently, at least according to one ice cream personality test, your personality is formed based on your favorite ice cream flavor! Or at least those with the same favorite ice cream flavor have many of the same personality traits.


    We uncovered some research by a fancy institute called The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation. The founder, neurologist Dr. Alan Hirsch, has done some pretty in-depth research about people's favorite ice cream flavor and the similarities of their personality.


    It sounds crazy, but the science actually makes pretty good sense. According to the good doctor, the same part of the brain (the limbic lobe) is responsible for both personality traits and food preference.


    Equally as fascinating, Dr. Hirsch says that the taste for your favorite ice cream is set during childhood and tends to remain consistent throughout your life.


    We looked hard in the research and couldn't find anything for maple blonde brownie. But I'm pretty sure that personality trait is clearly awesomeness.


    So here are the institute's results. What do you think? Do they sound familiar?


    Vanilla Lovers Are:

    Vanilla is one of the simplest of ice cream flavors, but its fans are actually likely to be anything but vanilla. Vanilla lovers are:

    • Colorful
    • Impulsive
    • Idealistic
    • Risk-takers
    • Emotionally expressive
    • Successful in close relationships


    Strawberry Lovers Are:

    • Tolerant
    • Devoted
    • Often introverted
    • Logical
    • Thoughtful


    Chocolate lovers Are:

    • Flirtatious
    • Seductive
    • Lively
    • Charming
    • Dramatic
    • More gullible


    Mint Lovers Are:

    • Ambitious
    • Confident
    • Frugal
    • Argumentative
    • "They aren't fully satisfied until they find the tarnish on the silver lining,"


    Rainbow Sherbet Lovers

    Don't let this flavor's bright colors and fruity taste fool you. Rainbow sherbert fans are often:

    • Possess a downbeat attitude
    • More pessimistic
    • Analytical
    • Decisive


    Rocky Road Lovers Are:

    • Aggressive
    • Engaging
    • Good listeners
    • Successful
    • Goal oriented


    Coffee Ice Cream Lovers Are:

    • Dramatic
    • Lively
    • Approach life with "gusto,"
    • Passion of the moment people
    • Often needing constant stimulation


    Chocolate Chip Lovers Are:

    • Generous
    • Competent
    • Go-getters


    Cookie Dough Lover Are:

    • Ambitious
    • Competitive
    • Visionary


    So what's your take? Do you agree or disagree? Is this junk science or junk food?

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