eCreamery Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I swap out a flavor or title on a Special Occasion Gift Collection (e.g. Birthday, Thank You, Get Well, etc.)?

Unfortunately, we are unable to swap flavors or titles on Special Occasion Gift Collections.  You could consider selecting from our Personalized Bestselling Pints instead.  Here, you would get to select 4 or 8 flavors, and customize your titles.


Where can I see a list of all of your flavors?

A full listing of current flavors is available on our Personalized Bestselling Pints page.  These flavors can be selected by the single pint and each title can be personalized. We ship in quantities of 4 or 8 pints.

If you are looking for all of the flavors available for a custom flavor, see Completely Custom Flavors.  These are shipped in 4 or 8 pints of the same flavor. 


Where can I find your Gelato flavors?

You can find our Gelato flavors on our Completely Custom Flavors page.


Why are all four pints the same in a Completely Custom Flavor?

The smallest batch our chefs can make of one custom flavor is 4 pints.  Making less than 4 pints is like baking one cookie at a time instead of a dozen.  It is shipped in 4 pint containers so you can share your creation with others!

If you'd like an assortment, see Personalized Bestselling Pints where you can select 1 pint of a flavor.


I’m looking for a particular flavor but I can’t find it.

Definitely contact us.  We may have access to the ingredient but are unable to offer it because of low demand and storage concerns.  We will do our best to research any flavor requests and make it available as soon as possible.



How does the ice cream stay frozen?

Each shipment goes out in an individual Styrofoam cooler from our facility in Omaha, Nebraska. It's packed with enough dry ice to keep the contents frozen into the evening hours the day of delivery.  We ship to all 50 U.S. states.  We are aware of the shipping destination on your order and how many days your package will be in transit.  We pack the amount of dry ice accordingly.

There is no signature required for delivery, so FedEx will leave the package at the shipping address on your order.  The dry ice will keep the contents frozen into the evening hours of the day of delivery.  Given the extremely perishable nature of the product, it’s highly important that you contact your recipient to let them know of their delivery. eCreamery cannot be held responsible for unclaimed gifts or incorrect address information.  


How do I handle the frozen treats in my shipment?

Your treats will arrive frozen. It’s ok and normal if the dry ice is completely melted as long as the ice cream is still frozen or cool to the touch.  Move it to your freezer until you are ready to eat.  For best results, store your ice cream in the back of the freezer where it will stay nice and cold. Then, enjoy!


How do you handle the dry ice in the package?

Your package will contain dry ice.  It’s the best way to ensure your ice cream stays frozen and arrives at the highest quality.  But if there is any left when you open your cooler, remember it is really cold so please handle it with gloves or other protective gear.  It can cause a burn on your skin if you touch it directly.  So, please keep out of reach from children or pets.  You can leave the dry ice alone and place the lid back on the cooler.  It will eventually dissipate in the cooler.


Do you ship internationally (e.g. Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico)?

We can only ship to the 50 U.S. states. We cannot ship internationally as our ice cream will not make it safe and intact.


How do I select a specific delivery date?

On step #4 (Shipping Method & Gift Message) during checkout, click the calendar icon under the Choose A Specific Delivery Date option.  This will bring up a calendar where you can choose your own specific delivery date. 

Some dates require Rush shipping (overnight) as we cannot ship ice cream over the weekend.  Clicking on different days will show you the delivery options & costs for each. 

We cannot deliver on Sunday or Monday as FedEx does not move or deliver perishables over the weekend.
Saturday shipping is available for some residential zip codes, but not commercial addresses.
We do not ship to P.O. boxes, hospitals, camps or Army/Naval bases. 


Can I ship 1 or 2 pints instead of 4?

Four pints of ice cream is the minimum amount we can ship.  All of our collections are sold in increments of 4.  Shipping fewer than 4 pints increases the risk of the pints melting in transit.


When will I get tracking for my order?

You will receive your tracking once the package is getting ready to leave our facility.  Tracking emails are deployed around 4pm CST daily.  Once these emails are sent out, changes can no longer be made to the order.


Why is my shipping not $14.99 like the site says?

Our shipping charges are based on tiered pricing.

Tiered Shipping Price Chart


Where is the Gift Card/Promo Code box?

The Gift Card and Promo Code boxes can be found on the Shopping Cart page Before you click ‘Proceed to Checkout’.  It is located to the right of the page (on desktop computers), underneath the Bonus Savings offers.  Be sure to click Apply. 

NOTE: On mobile devices & tablets, the boxes can be found at the bottom of the Shopping Cart page.


How long before I receive my order?

See the Shipping Info page for complete details.


Product & nutritional information

I have an allergy, does your equipment process these foods?

Peanuts, other nuts, dairy, soy, eggs, wheat/gluten & other common allergens are used at eCreamery. Although we strive to keep these items separate, it is impossible to guarantee that your eCreamery creation will be free of these ingredients.


Do you have nutritional information for your flavors?

You can find allergens and nutritional information for our Bestselling Flavors on our Nutrition Information page.


Are your flavors Kosher?

Unfortunately, our flavors are NOT Kosher.


Are any of your flavors sugar-free?

No, we don't have any sugar-free options.


Are any of your flavors gluten-free?

Yes! If you look on our Nutrition Information page, each flavor marked with a (GF) will be gluten-free.



What is included on the packing slip inside each box?

Our packing slip does not include any pricing information.  It does have the enclosure message, recipient’s information and product details, but no pricing.