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Completely Custom Flavors

Select your packaging

There’s festive Lola or modern Bella. Simply choose the design that speaks to you.

Note: Single serving party cups are only available in Lola.

Personalize your pint

Be sweet or quirky, mysterious or sincere. Whatever you name your creation, it’s guaranteed to sound—and taste—delicious.
Note: The same name will appear on all pints/party cups in the collection.

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Completely Custom Flavors

This ice cream is special. It does not exist in the frozen food section. You cannot find it in your local parlor. No. Everything about this ice cream—the flavor, mix-ins, packaging, even the name—has been created by you and churned fresh by our award-winning team of artists. Just as personal as a set of monogrammed towels. But so much sweeter.
Note: The flavor you create comes in a 4 pint minimum.
Completely Custom Flavors require 3 business days to custom churn before they can ship. 

See shipping info

Step 1
Select your cream (or non cream) base
It all begins by blending fresh cream, milk and sugar in a small-batch process for rich consistency and scrumptious taste. Unless you select Sorbet. Then it’s just sweet, scrumptious and cream free.
This delicious dairy-free treat is naturally lower in fat than gelato or ice cream and perfect for the fruitiest of flavors. Its high density and smooth texture guarantee a burst of flavor in every bite.
Popularly known as "Italian Ice Cream", you'll enjoy the rich and creamy flavor in each dense spoonful.
Hailed as America’s most beloved dessert, our premium craft recipe boasts a rich, creamy consistency, sure to delight the most discerning of ice cream connoisseurs.
Step 2
Select your flavor
From sweet and sassy to tart and tangy, we have 40+ flavors to spark your imagination. Creative taste buds welcome.
Select 1 flavor
Select your mix-ins
Ice cream is better with a surprise in every scoop. Candy, cookies, nuts, fruit—the yum never stops.
Select up to 3 flavors (optional)
Select your size
Is it a four-pints “You Deserve It”, an eight-pints 40th birthday bash or a party cup group celebration? Whatever size the occasion calls for, we can help.

Some eCreamery products may contain artificial colors and flavorings.


Peanuts, other nuts, dairy, eggs, soy, wheat/gluten & other common allergens are used at eCreamery. Although we strive to keep these items separate, it is impossible to guarantee that your eCreamery creation will be free of these ingredients.

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