• January 07, 2015

    With 197 votes, we have a January winner!  We will send Andre F.  four pints of her custom creation to share with friends and family. Congratulations Andre!


    Andre pictured with her friend Bambi

    Contest winner Andre is pictured at right with her friend Bambi


    The Winning Flavor

    Graham Central Station

    Base  Gelato

    Flavor   Double Vanilla Bean

    Mix-in 1  Dark Chocolate Chips

    Mix-in 2  Graham Cracker Crumbs


    Who is your “sweetest person?” 

    "In my crazy world, the sweetest person is my best friend Bambi. Even though we're 1000+ miles away (she's in Omaha and I'm in Florida), we're always there for each other. I love her more than I love ice cream!"


    “I’m honored and super excited that my flavor received the top number of votes! I’d say this new year is off to a very sweet start!”


    Andre will receive four pints of her DIY ice cream (gelato) flavor, delivered right to her doorstep in Florida!


    Graham Central Station Pint Collection


    How does the contest work?

    Design your own flavor on eCreamery.com and enter it to win by getting the highest number of Facebook “likes”.  To enter, visit the Create Your Own Flavor  page to create your own delicious creation in four easy steps.  After your entry is approved, share it with friends to gain “likes” or votes! Five new winners will be selected throughout the year based on the total number of votes and will receive a free order of the flavor!  


    Keep your recipe entries coming!  We will send another lucky, high vote getting winner a free custom order soon!

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