• June 12, 2015

    world ice cream seriesBy popular demand.

    The 8th Annual eCreamery World Ice Cream Series is back! 

    If you're unfamiliar with this annual event it occurs during the same time as the CWS which is also in beautiful Omaha, Nebraska...the home of the eCreamery headquarters.
    How it Works: Each team that earned its way into the CWS receives its own special custom flavor and special name.
    Each team pint sold is worth one point whether it's ordered online and shipped or devoured in our Omaha ice cream parlor

    Why This Is A Big Deal: You might be asking yourself other than amazingly delicious small-batch ice cream, why should I want to participate in the World Ice Cream Series?

    Do you care about your CWS team? Then you'll want to participte.

    5 of the last 6 winners of the World Ice Cream Series have also gone on to win the CWS.

    Maybe it's just a coincidence. But history has proven that the team's fans that rooted with ice cream have more times than not also taken home the Omaha championship trophy.

    So without further ado...

    Here are your 2015 World Ice Cream Series contenders. 


    Vandy's Repeat Treat

    S'mores Ice Cream with Chocolate Chunks and Marshmallow Sauce


    Category 5 Hurricane Swirl

    Sweet Cream Ice Cream with Triple Berry Sauce & Oat Clusters


    Ore-Geaux Tigers

    Sweet Cream Ice Cream with Oreos and Hot Fudge


    Cup O' Cavalier

    Coffee Ice Cream with Heath Bar and Caramel Swirls


    Riff Ram Frog Slam

    Chocolate Ice Cream with Butterscotch Swirls and Snickers


    Chewie Gooie Razorback Sooie

    Vanilla Bean with Chocolate Chunks and Cookie Dough


    FullerTON of Flavor

    Vanilla Bean with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups & PB Swirls


    Gator Swamp Chomp

    Sea Salt Caramel with Brownie Bites and Caramel Ribbons




    Team flavors are just $5 in the store or $7.25 for a full pint. Or, ship a half gallon of your team flavor to fans who couldn't make it to Omaha!


    But be sure to hurry with your teams's support because when the team is out of the CWS, so is your flavor!


    If you stop in the Omaha parlor you can check out the plaque honoring all of the previous Ice Cream Series Winning Flavors since 2008.


    Don't just take our word for it. Custom eCreamery flavors have been enjoyed by ESPN CWS Announcers Mike, Orel and Erin Andrews in previous years and they have given grand slam reviews to their custom flavors on air as they announce the CWS games.


    We hope to see you in our parlor soon and get those World Ice Cream Series votes in!! 

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