• November 13, 2015

    It’s that time of year again. You find your days filled with festive decorating, holiday parties, and stressing over the best Christmas gifts for grandparents, family members, and friends. It’s enough to make you want to dive into a bowl of premium ice cream (more on that later). Of the folks on your shopping list, grandparents can be the hardest to shop for—most of them have what they need, and there are only so many grandchild art projects that can fit on the wall.


    We’ve collected our favorite personalized grandparent gifts and we can’t wait to share them with you. Which one of these will you do this year?


     ice cream pint titled with "Sundaes with Grandma"


    Capture it on film.

    No matter where Grandma and Grandpa live, the next time you are all together, commission a photography session. Have the photographer capture candid family photos of memories in the making, whether it’s playing yard games, making snowmen, or sitting around the dining room table fighting for the last brownie. Having an unrelated camera-clicker means that no one is missing out on the fun, and the photographs taken feel natural and wholesome. Just like your family, only not as loud.


    And the best part? Not only is it a great grandparent gift idea, it’s a great gift for everyone else in the family.


    Consider a gift that keeps on giving.

    We now live in a time and place where anything can be shipped. This has given rise to several product membership clubs that deliver anything from candles to bacon to even flavor-of-the-month ice cream! on a monthly or quarterly basis. These artisanal items give you the benefit of handmade item (no one said it had to be your hands), with the convenience of home delivery. It’s a way to think beyond Christmas for grandparent gifts; by their very nature, artisan clubs make sure recipients feel special throughout the entire year.


    Homemade and handmade always win.

    While you’d be hard-pressed to find a grandparent who didn’t love something made by a grandchild, it’s a good idea to make a gift they’d actually use, display, or eat. We love those Mason jar hot cocoa kits or the Mason jar brownie kits for this reason, especially because they are just as much fun to make as they are to give. Decorate them with a seasonal ribbon and a fun photo of the grandkids, and you’ve added one more reason to smile!


    Holiday memories with a cherry on top.

    Love the idea of handmade holiday gifts, but don’t have enough hands and can’t make enough time? Enter eCreamery. With our Classic Holiday Ice Cream Collection, you’ll wrap all the festive flavors of the season with premium creaminess. Candy Cane, Eggnog, Gingerbread—our holiday ice creams set the mood with each spoonful and are a particularly welcome treat for faraway family that have to celebrate the holidays in spirit. And if you have to do anything in spirit, ice cream makes a delicious substitute.


    Extra bonus: eCreamery delivers right to their door, so you get the confidence it will get there in time, properly packaged, and ready to be enjoyed. (Even the Today Show agrees).


    Get up close and personal.

    If ice cream delivery sounds like a “cool” idea, why not put a grandparent gift pack together filled with their favorite flavors? Personalized ice cream from eCreamery not only allows you to customize the container with fun made-just-for-you labels, but also the flavors of the ice cream inside of it. Choose from dairy-free sorbet, rich Italian gelato, or premium ice cream and then enhance the experience with one of over 30 sweet and sassy flavors from chocolate to rose water. Pile in your personalized blend of mix-ins (nuts? ginger? candy bars?), and you’ve got a perfectly crafted pint that screams, “You’re going to love this as much as we love you!”


    All of these great ideas aside, the gift most grandparents want this holiday is more time. Whether you bond over a bowl of chocolate ice cream over video chat or discuss the finer points of adding pretzels to your sundae, it isn’t so much what you do or what you eat, just that you do and eat it together. After all, the best homemade gifts are memories.


    Happy Holidays from all of us at eCreamery. Be safe and dig in!

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